Re-launch of the Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship

09 September 2020

Applications for the Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship programme 2020 will open on 23 September with a renewed focus on attracting top international talent. 

As part of the Royal Society and Wolfson Foundation’s work to support cutting-edge research and build networks that cross national boundaries, the re-focused programme now enables UK universities and research institutions to attract outstanding research leaders from overseas in two complementary ways:

  • By providing five years’ funding via the Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship scheme, which will focus wholly on the recruitment of outstanding research leaders to the UK. Royal Society Wolfson Fellows will be eligible for enhanced and flexible funding of up to £300,000 towards their salary, research, and support.
  • A new Royal Society Wolfson Visiting Fellowship scheme will offer international leading senior researchers a flexible sabbatical lasting for up to one year full-time (with a minimum stay of 3 months) or for up to two years part-time. The Visiting Fellow will be eligible to apply for up to £125,000 towards their stipend and research.

The flexibility of the Royal Society Wolfson Visiting Fellowships will be invaluable for attracting international research leaders and building lasting relationships with global research institutions.

Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive of the Wolfson Foundation said,

“Despite the current travel challenges, there has never been a more important time for UK research institutions to demonstrate that they are global organisations, recruiting the highest quality talent from around the world. This programme allows them to do exactly that. Together, the Wolfson Foundation and the Royal Society continue to make the UK a place of scientific excellence, supporting exceptional scientists to do exceptional work”.

Dr Julie Maxton CBE, Executive Director of the Royal Society said,

“Through supporting the careers of outstanding scientists in the UK, and improving the research environment in which they work, this long-term partnership has brought long-term benefits to UK science.  Our joint initiatives have evolved over the years to reflect the changing nature of the international research landscape, and our programme must respond to the pressing needs of the UK science community. We welcome the opportunity to offer a Royal Society Wolfson Visiting Fellowship to continue to entice and reward the high calibre of scientists from overseas, who wish to relocate to the UK.”

Both schemes open for applications on 23 September 2020 until 25 November 2020. The funding covers all areas of the life and physical sciences, including engineering, but excludes clinical medicine.