Royal Society responds to Dasgupta Review on Economics of Biodiversity

02 February 2021

Responding to the launch of the Dasgupta Review on the Economics of Biodiversity Sir Adrian Smith, President of the Royal Society, said:

“The Dasgupta Review could not be more timely or more critical. At G7 and UN summits this year, world leaders, policy experts, and financial decision makers will be charting the global response to the linked threats of biodiversity loss and climate change and the green recovery from COVID-19. 

“Too often biodiversity has been the poor relation at these talks, because the costs of exploiting our ecosystems and species have been left off the ledger. But it is undeniable that the prosperity of present and future generations depends on these systems, which clean our water, pollinate our crops, and provide recreation and inspiration.

“By accounting for the true value of biodiversity, the Dasgupta Review sets out a radical vision for building a more sustainable future. Critically, this framework is rooted in the evidence of ecology and environmental science but speaks the language of national and financial institutions. Transforming these institutions, and their measurements of success, is vital to ensure that short-term economic growth is no longer decoupled from the long-term sustainability of the biosphere.

“As the report makes clear, investing in conserving biodiversity is cheaper than restoring it once lost, and can simultaneously help us mitigate and adapt to the worst effects of climate change. It also opens up new economic opportunities and jobs. This is already being demonstrated around the world, and in particular in developing nations which are stewards for so much of Earth’s natural capital.”


  • Through its Biodiversity programme the Royal Society is working to shed new light on the cross-sectoral drivers of and solutions to biodiversity loss – from agriculture to human behaviour and consumption. This includes the publication of a series of biodiversity essays by leading global experts which are helping to strengthen the scientific evidence base for biodiversity and inform policy makers ahead of the Dasgupta Review and on an ongoing basis.
  • The Royal Society is hosting an online event at 14.00 (GMT) Tuesday 2 February 2021 where Professor Dasgupta will outline the report’s central findings and answer questions from the audience.

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