Leading scientists chosen for India collaboration as part of the Royal Society Yusuf Hamied Visiting Professorships

17 January 2023

The Royal Society has today, 17 January, announced three recipients of the Royal Society Yusuf Hamied Visiting Professorships to India.

Launched in 2017 through a gift from the Yusuf and Farida Hamied Foundation, the award supports international collaboration and promotes excellence in science by bringing the Indian and international scientific communities together.

The scientists who will take up their positions from April 2023 are:

  • Professor George Davey Smith FRS, University of Bristol
    Professor George Davey Smith FRS will be visiting Public Health Foundation of India; University of Delhi; Tata Memorial Centre; CSIR - Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB)
  • Professor Peter Hudson FRS CorrFRSE, Penn State University
    Professor Peter Hudson FRS CorrFRSE will be working with Dr Sindura Ganapathi, The Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India
  • Professor Semir Zeki FRS FMedSci MAmerPhilSoc, University College London
    Professor Semir Zeki FRS FMedSci MAmerPhilSoc will be visiting Ashoka University, Haryana and Indian National Brain Research Centre, Haryana, India

They will make short visits, giving them the opportunity to start or further develop links with Indian research teams, benefiting from each other’s experience and expertise.

Dr Yusuf Hamied FRS said “The Fellowship of the Royal Society includes many of the world’s leading scientists. I am delighted that through the Royal Society Yusuf Hamied Visiting Professorships, these celebrated scientists will be able to build long-term collaborations with their counterparts in India, for we must all use our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of society.” 

 Professor Robin Grimes, Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society, said, “India has a longstanding and rich history of scientific collaboration, both with the UK and globally. 

Together, scientists from across the world are tackling shared challenges, from food security, to infectious diseases and the warming climate. Thanks to the generous support from Dr and Mrs Hamied, the visiting fellowships programme continues to provide opportunities for Fellows and Foreign Members of the Royal Society to collaborate with their peers in India.”

For the first time, Yusuf Hamied Visiting Professorship applications will now be open to the following Senior Grant Holders:

  • Royal Society Research Professors
  • Royal Society Wolfson Fellows
  • University Research Fellows on Renewal (ie 5-8 years into their early career fellowship)

Senior Grant Holders are invited to apply from February 2023. Please contact YusufHamiedProgramme@royalsociety.org for more details.