Royal Society responds to the announcement of the Pioneer prospectus plan

05 April 2023

In response to the Government announcing the Pioneer prospectus, Adrian Smith, President of the Royal Society, said, “We welcome the Government’s restated intention to delivering association to Horizon Europe and acknowledge the very real commitment of the DSIT Secretary of State to achieving this.

“Given the long-drawn-out period of barriers to securing association, it was prudent and necessary for the Government to consider a back-up plan should association ultimately not be possible.

“The Government has today published for consultation their current thinking on such a back-up plan, the Pioneer prospectus, but against the background of the clear commitment to achieving association.

“The process of looking at this alternative plan has highlighted some gaps in support for the UK’s outstanding science base. Hopefully, that work can be put to good use as we build on association and continue to grow public and private investment in research and innovation.

“It is positive to see the pledged £20 billion a year for research and innovation by 2024/25 reaffirmed in this document.”