Royal Society responds to Research Excellence Framework 2028

14 June 2023

Sir Adrian Smith, President of the Royal Society, said: “Research assessment needs to constantly evolve in light of the changing nature of how science is done and the culture that best delivers excellence and inclusion. It also has to recognise the wide range of people and skills needed for a high performing research environment that ultimately improves lives. Today’s announcements on the design of the next REF reflect the need for ongoing change and we will look forward to engaging with this process of improvement as the consultation progresses.”

Professor Carlos Frenk, Chair of the Royal Society Public Engagement Committee, said: “The Royal Society has been a strong advocate for greater recognition of the importance of public and societal engagement in research assessment, so we are delighted that today’s announcements on the shape of REF 2028 brings engagement more to the fore. Doing research is only a first step, as knowledge in itself does not effect change. It is only by engaging with wider communities that we can put that knowledge to work for the benefit of humanity.”