G20 national science academies call for action on green energy, a holistic approach to global health and connecting science with society and culture

24 August 2023

The Royal Society has today joined with the national science academies of the G20 nations to publish a communique ahead of the G20 summit being held from Sept 9-10 in India. 

The communique addresses three key themes around transformative science for sustainable development: clean energy for a greener future; universal and holistic health; and connecting science with society and culture.

Adrian Smith, President of the Royal Society said: “Many of the problems that face us today are shared global problems and we can only effectively tackle those issues through international cooperation. Whether it is ensuring that emerging technologies are developed in just, equitable, safe and sustainable ways, increasing healthy life expectancies around the world or transitioning to clean energy, nations and their governments must act together.

“The communique we have published today offer the governments of the G20 nations ways forward for the application of science to improving lives. We hope it will  help guide the discussions at the upcoming summit.”

Read the full statement (PDF).