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Akkihebbal Ravishankara

Akkihebbal Ravishankara

Professor Akkihebbal Ravishankara ForMemRS

Foreign Member

Elected: 2019


Akkihebbal R (Ravi) Ravishankara has carried out laboratory and atmospheric measurements to decipher the ozone layer depletion, including the ozone hole; quantify the role of chemically active species on climate; and understand the formation, removal, and properties of air pollutants. He developed techniques to measure gas phase and heterogeneous reactions in the laboratory and detect atmospheric species. He developed frameworks for representing heterogeneous reactions and gas phase processes in models. He helped take science to policy makers via leading and participating in international and national assessments.

After his undergraduate studies at the University of Mysore he got his PhD from the University of Florida.

Ravishankara is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, and Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. His awards include an honorary doctoral degree (University of York), Montreal Protocol’s Scientific Leadership award, Royal Society of Chemistry’s Polanyi Medal, the US EPA’s Stratospheric Ozone Protection award, and the ACS’s award for Creative Advances in Environmental Sciences.

Professional positions

University Distinguished Professor, Chemistry Department, Colorado State University
University Distinguished Professor, Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Chemistry
    • Chemistry, physical
  • Earth and environmental sciences
    • Atmospheric chemistry, Climate sciences


Climate Change, Air Quality, Atmospheric Chemistry, Science-Policy related to Environmental Issues

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