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Alan Cheung

Dr Alan Cheung

Dr Alan Cheung

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Molecular mechanisms of transcritption control by transcriptional coactivator complexes SAGA and NuA4.

Scheme: Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Organisation: University College London

Dates: Jan 2014-Jan 2019

Value: £861,273

Summary: Coactivator complexes are essential for transcription activation in all eukaryotes and are recruited to the genome by sequence-specific transcription factors to catalyse chromatin modifications and recruit the basal transcriptional machinery for transcription initiation. The large and highly conserved coactivators SAGA and NuA4 are two such complexes which associate with transcription factors by a subunit that is common to both complexes called Tra1. Structural information is limited for SAGA/ NuA4 as their size (containing 19 and 13 subunits respectively) complicates any detailed analysis of their architecture. We will determine the structure of the SAGA complex by a hybrid approach using crystallography and chemical crosslinking coupled to mass spectrometry (XL-MS). The XL-MS analysis will provide a comprehensive map of subunit interfaces which can incorporate existing crystal structures of SAGA. These data will then define the strategy for determining crystal structures of remai ning subunits and thei

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