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Alan Turnbull

Alan Turnbull

Dr Alan Turnbull OBE FRS


Elected: 2013


Alan Turnbull is a corrosion scientist/engineer with specialist expertise in the measurement and modelling of environment-assisted cracking and the localised corrosion of metals. By reducing the risk of such failure mechanisms, the impact of Alan’s research has been substantial across the energy, marine and chemical sectors.

Alan has also developed integrated models for the generation, diffusion and trapping of hydrogen atoms in metals. Hydrogen accumulation modifies the properties of metals and can result in fracture. By controlling this process, engineers can reduce the likelihood of failure and extend the operating lifetime of metal systems used in oil and gas applications, power generation and hydrogen gas transport.

Alan’s work influences a wide range of industries where corrosion can have huge cost implications and has attracted many accolades from organisations such as the Institute of Corrosion, the European Federation of Corrosion and the worldwide corrosion authority, NACE International. He is also the principal author of eight international industry standards.

Professional positions

Senior NPL Fellow in Electrochemistry, National Physical Laboratory

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Engineering
    • Materials science (incl materials engineering)


 corrosion, fracture, fuel cells, organic electronics, nanoscale electrochemistry

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