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Amanda Fisher

Professor Amanda Fisher FMedSci FRS


Elected: 2014


Throughout her career, Amanda Fisher has made considerable contributions to multiple areas of cell biology, including determining the function of several genes in HIV and describing the importance of a gene’s location within the nucleus of the cell. Whilst continuing to actively participate in research, she now also guides the strategy of a research institute at Imperial College London.

As a postdoctoral scientist, Amanda produced the first functional copies of HIV, providing researchers with access to enough biologically active material to study the function of the virus’s genes. She later became interested in epigenetics and nuclear reprogramming, particularly in white blood cells known as lymphocytes and embryonic stem cells. Her current research focuses on how gene expression patterns are inherited when cells divide, using lymphocytes as a model system.

As current head of the Institute of Clinical Sciences at Imperial, Amanda leads its researchers in their efforts to further our understanding of human diseases and to translate their findings into improved diagnoses and treatments.