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Andrew Lyne

Andrew Lyne

Professor Andrew Lyne FRS


Elected: 1996


Andrew Lyne conducts research on radio astronomy. In 1979, he achieved the first radio measurements of the trigonometric parallax of a pulsar, giving the first basic advance in measurements of distance outside the solar system since Friedrich Bessel’s optical measurements in 1838. Using refined search methods, he discovered more than half of the 700 known pulsars, including two-thirds of the 50 known millisecond pulsars. This work led to definitive studies of pulsar populations and life histories. His measurements of proper motion have confirmed his earlier discovery, using interstellar scintillation, of the high velocities and short lifetimes of most pulsars. Andrew also developed new techniques which have made possible the search for pulsars of very short periods. His discovery of pulsars with periods of milliseconds in two globular clusters has given new insight into the origin and evolution of pulsars. His measurements of Faraday rotation in the radiation from over 190 pulsars have produced unique data on the galactic magnetic field. Andrew is recognised as one of the foremost international authorities on pulsar phenomena.

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  • Astronomy and physics
    • Astronomy
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