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Andrew Randall

Professor Andrew Randall

Research Fellow


University of Exeter

Research summary

My fellowship is an industrial collaborative award - which aims to link academics to scientists in the private sector. I am a neuroscientist who predominantly works in diseases of the brain - most notably dementia. Specifically my work is involved with trying to understand how signalling between brain cells goes wrong in disease states. We believe information of this sort will help the research community think about ways to put things right again. The involvement of pharmaceutical companies is essential for the quest to treat all diseases including Alzheimer's and by forming partnerships with academics both can benefit.

This fellowship has allowed me to develop strong links with Eli Lilly's UK research site. These links are primarily based around some recently developed techniques that allow us to image function in the intact brain at hitherto unachievable resolution. Lilly has these technologies established and the ultimate goal is to establish similar methods in my research group in Exeter, where I will then be able to train the next generation of scientists in their application. Progress this year towards this goal has been significant following on from the grants I won last year I researched, negotiated and ran a purchase tender process to buy the equipment to construct our first imaging system of the type we have been using with Eli Lilly. I then build this equipment, worked out how to use it and trained team members (and then had to move it and do it all again!). I also wrote and secured another major grant which will provide two additional microscopes of this nature which will be available to not just my group but many of my colleagues..this will actually give us capabilities by the end of 2017 that exceed those at my industrial partner which will foster forward looking collaboration.

With new Medical Research Council funds I have also been able to send a 3rd member of my group (a PhD student) for a 6 month training and research visit to Lilly

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

In vivo, cell-level imaging of network dynamics and pathology in murine models of neurodegenerative disease

Scheme: Industry Fellowship

Dates: Sep 2013 - Aug 2017

Value: £170,048

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