Professor Andrew Zisserman FRS

Andrew Zisserman is one of the principal architects of modern computer vision. His work in the 1980s on surface reconstruction with discontinuities is widely cited. He is best known for his leading role during the 1990s in establishing the computational theory of multiple view reconstruction and the development of practical algorithms that are widely in use today. This culminated in the publication, in 2000, of his book with Richard Hartley, already regarded as a standard text. His laboratory in Oxford is internationally renowned, and its work is currently shedding new light on the problems of object detection and recognition.


  • Royal Society Milner Award

    In recognition of his exceptional achievements in computer programming which includes work on computational theory and commercial systems for geometrical images.

  • Bakerian Medal and Lecture

    For his research on computational theory and commercial systems for geometrical analysis of images, and for being a pioneer and leading scientist in machine learning for vision, especially image recognition.

Professor Andrew Zisserman FRS
Elected 2007