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Annabel Cartwright

Dr Annabel Cartwright

Research Fellow


Cardiff University

Research summary

I am using and developing statistical techniques to classify groups of objects : usually stars as observed in the sky. These techniques help us to probe the physics of star formation. I am now using my expertise to analyse features, giant pock marks, which can be seen on the sea bed. These indicate where gas has erupted from submarine reservoirs, and looking at their distribution can help to determine the sequence of eruptions, and the rate at which underground sources are depleted and replenished. This work is of importance in the planning of CO2 sequestration in depleted underground reservoirs. Governments are currently in the process of establishing the rules for CO2 sequestration, including very stringent no-leakage policies, which may be impossible to achieve in practice. Understanding what happens in natural reservoirs will help to inform decisions.

Grants awarded

Structural Analysis of molecular clouds and young star clusters and the IMF.

Scheme: Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2007 - Sep 2011

Value: £284,241.60

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