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Anthony Cheetham

Professor Anthony Cheetham Leverhulme Medal, Chaire Blaise

Research Fellow


University of Cambridge

Research summary

The primary focus of our work is on materials that contain both metals and organic ligands, often known as hybrid inorganic-organic framework materials or metal-organic frameworks. This is a very fashionable area that has emerged strongly in the last 15 years. Our aim is to create materials that exhibit properties that are not found in purely inorganic and organic materials, or combine the advantages of both (e.g. the lightness of organics and the stability of inorganics). My group has enjoyed another exceptional year, discovering a number of new materials that exhibit unusual properties. We have especially focused on mechanical properties and amorphization in 2011-12, exploring the way in which the behaviour of hybrid materials can be varied between those of ceramics and those of plastics. We have also looked further at both magnetic and optical properties.

In our work on purely inorganic materials, such as ceramics, we have completed our work on a system that will convert infra-red light to visible light very efficiently. As anticipated last year, we have successfully produced white light from infrared by up-conversion.

Grants awarded

Synthesis and properties of functional inorganic and hybrid materials

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Dates: Oct 2007 - Sep 2012

Value: £105,000

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