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Anthony Dickinson

Professor Anthony Dickinson FRS


Elected: 2003


Anthony Dickinson is a neuroscientist who has made internationally recognised contributions to our understanding of learning, memory, motivation and planning. He focuses, in particular, on the distinction between goal-directed and habitual behaviour. His findings have led to a new theory of incentive learning and offered insight into drug-seeking behaviours.

Anthony discovered that prediction errors — the difference between what the brain predicts will happen and what actually happens in a certain situation or after receiving a stimulus — indirectly affect the way in which we learn new things. Furthermore, his work on goal-directed actions have created new paradigms for behaviour that are used by experts worldwide.

Before becoming a neuroscientist, Anthony worked as a prototype electronics engineer. He developed the first four-way implantable brain cannula implant device. He is now Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge and Scientific Advisor at the Beijing Genomics Institute.

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