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Aroa Duro

Dr Aroa Duro

Research Fellow


University College London

Research summary

In this project, we aim to get closer to a solution for the devastating disease of brain cancer, especially for children with incurable brain tumours and lifespans of few months. Brain tumours are difficult to reach because of the special structure of our brain, that does not allow the passage and diffusion of most common anticancer drugs. It represents a current unmet medical need. With a view to improve quality of life of these patients and to solve this burden, we propose here the use of nanomedicines as a non-invasive approach to treat cancer. I particularly believe that, with current progress made in nanomedicines design and production, and the lessons learned from previous failures in clinical trials, the new generation of nanomedicines represent the future of modern medicine allowing us to precisely target disease sites to improve efficacy, and reduce side effects. Besides, the use of nanomedicines allows for personalized medicine, what means a paradigm shift in conventional treatments. As summary, this project deals with the use of new non-invasive super-selective nanomedicines (polymersomes) able to cross the BBB using active transport (as Trojan horses), for combination therapy directed to the treatment of paediatric glioma.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Biodegradable brain penetrating polypeptide-based polymersomes for anticancer delivery

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Oct 2017 - Sep 2019

Value: £99,000

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