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aru beri

Miss aru beri

Research Fellow


University of Southampton

Research summary

X-ray binaries are one of the brightest X-ray sources in the sky.

These are gravitationally bound systems consisting of a compact

object (either a neutron star or a black hole) and usually a normal star

as a companion, both rotating around a common centre of mass.

The compact object shines in X-rays due to gravitational energy released

via mass transfer from the donor (accretion).

I am interested to answer the fundamental questions about the physics of

accretion flows around both the neutron star and black holes, study the geometry

of emission region & reprocessing. Another unique aspect of neutron star low mass

X-ray binaries which is of interest to me is the study of thermonuclear X-ray bursts.

I carry out challenging temperature measurement studies during these X-ray bursts.

Doing so will help in finding tight constraints to the radius of a neutron star.

I use data from several active and past X-ray missions for my work.

Currently, I am actively involved in the India's first multi-wavelength

mission 'ASTROSAT' (LAXPC payload).

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Testing General Relativity with X-ray binaries and associated accretion flows

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Jul 2016 - Jul 2018

Value: £89,400

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