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Baoli Liu

Dr Baoli Liu

Research Fellow


University of Oxford

Research summary

There are many areas of the earth where the action of wind and water interact. Examples of these include where sand dunes are halted by a river flowing through them and where rivers appear to be diverted by the presence of dunes or a ‘sea of sand’; ancient processes are also indicated from stratigraphic records where wind-blown sands embed with river sediments. Inspiringly, similar landscapes have also been observed on Mars. This raises several fundamental questions surrounding the interactions between sediment transport by wind and water that could have major implications for climate change and how landscapes develop. However, there are very few studies that look at such interaction processes. To fill this niche in geomorphological research, a highly novel numerical model is explored in combination with field and laboratory observations to study the dynamic wind-river interaction processes and the impact on landscapes. Findings from this research may not only provide different explanations for some of the landform or hydrologic, sedimentological and stratigraphic anomalies that emerge, but they will also enable the identification of unstable landforms and the prediction of their change, which can be further transferred to management and petroleum exploration.

Grants awarded

Rivers and dunes: multi-disciplinary approaches towards an understanding of interaction processes an

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Mar 2018 - Feb 2020

Value: £99,000

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