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Bon-Kyoung Koo

Dr Bon-Kyoung Koo

Dr Bon-Kyoung Koo

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Characterization of novel E3 ubiquitin ligases that are enriched in LGR5-positive intestinal stem cells and niche.

Scheme: Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Organisation: University of Cambridge

Dates: Aug 2013-Aug 2018

Value: £1,130,543

Summary: Throughout our life, our body needs constant renewal of cells to maintain our health. Modern biology and medical science have identified stem cells in most adult tissues as continuous source of regeneration. Interestingly, these stem cells require tight control to allow the production of new cells only in appropriate conditions. Uncontrolled stem cell multiplication can cause tumours. On the other hand lack of stem cell regeneration can lead tissue exhaustion and precocious aging. Therefore, und erstanding the way the number of stem cells is regulated has great importance. Among many regulators in cells, E3 ubiquitin ligases (E3s) are genuine sweepers. These molecules clean other proteins that are no longer required for growth and function of the cell. A defective function of E3s may cause piling up of unnecessary proteins that can cause uncontrollable growth or behaviour of cells. My lab aims to discover the specific proteins which are cleared by E3s in stem cells. To achieve this, we are utilizing novel to

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