Professor Brian Foster OBE FRS

Brian Foster is known for his pioneering work in high-energy particle physics. In particular, Brian has made major contributions to the study of elementary particles such as heavy quarks and leptons. He is a leader in the development and analysis of electron–positron and electron–proton colliders.

For four years, he led the ZEUS collaboration of 400 physicists working in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2005, he has been European Director of the global design effort for the International Linear Collider — a next-generation particle collider that is set to unlock the secrets of our Universe. He is currently European Director of the Linear Collider Collaboration.

Brian is a firm believer in popularising physics. In addition to writing widely in newspapers and magazines, he presents the lecture series ‘Einstein’s Universe’ and ‘Superstrings’, which combine his love of science and music. Together with Suzie Sheey, he proposed the ‘Accelerate!’ live-action lecture about particle physics for younger children, which he has now transferred to Germany. In 2003, he was awarded an OBE for services to research on particle physics.

Professional position

  • , Department of Physics, University of Oxford
  • Alexander von Humboldt Professor, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrontron (DESY), Universität Hamburg
  • Emeritus Professor of Experimental Physics, School of Physics, University of Bristol

Subject groups

  • Astronomy and physics

    Elementary particle physics

Professor Brian Foster OBE FRS
Elected 2008