Professor Brigitta Stockinger FMedSci FRS

Brigitta Stockinger is a molecular immunologist who is interested in inflammation and infection. She specifically studies the biology of a subset of the immune system’s T cells, looking at the factors that affect their development and function.

Amongst her research highlights are the identification of the different processes that lead to the differentiation of Th17 cells — a subset of T cell — as well as the discovery that the aryl hydrocarbon receptor acts as a link between environmental stimuli, including certain pollutants, and the immune system — playing a role in both regular immune responses and  autoimmune disorders.

Brigitta has received a number of awards for her work, including an Advanced Investigator Grant from the European Research Council in 2009 and a Wellcome Senior Investigator Award in 2013. In addition to being a Fellow of the Society, she is also a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and a member of EMBO.

Subject groups

  • Biochemistry and molecular cell biology

    Molecular immunology

  • Microbiology, immunology and developmental biology

    Cellular and humoral immunology, Cellular pathology