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Camilla Gilmore

Dr Camilla Gilmore

Research Fellow


Loughborough University

Research summary

Mathematics skills are crucial for success in everyday life, but many children and adults struggle to learn the mathematics they need. I am interested in finding out why mathematics is difficult for so many people. To do this requires an understanding of what contributes to success with mathematics, and in particular the skills and experiences that play a role.

My fellowship research is focused on understanding early mathematics development. I am investigating the skills that children develop before starting school, which help them with later success in mathematics. This includes early learning about number representations, general thinking skills (e.g. memory and attention) as well as attitudes to number-based activities. I am also taking account of children’s preschool experiences both at home and in childcare settings to explore how these might help mathematics learning. To do this I will follow the progress of preschool children before and after they start formal mathematics learning at school. Later in the fellowship I will use the information gained to develop interventions to support mathematics learning.

Alongside this research I am involved in other projects that explore aspects of mathematics learning in older children and adults. This includes understanding how executive function skills, the set of skills that control our thoughts and actions, are important for mathematics learning and performance through primary and secondary school. Other research considers the particular difficulties with mathematics seen in some children who were born premature, in an effort to understand how to develop interventions for this specific population.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Foundations of Mathematics: Understanding and improving early numerical skills.

Scheme: Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

Dates: Jan 2014 - Mar 2022

Value: £273,192.43

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