Sir Charles Godfray CBE FRS

Charles Godfray is a population biologist who combines theoretical and experimental research to understand fundamental and applied problems in ecology, evolution and epidemiology. Current research in his laboratory uses the pea aphid as a model system to explore issues in the evolution of symbiosis, ecological specialisation and host–parasitoid coevolution. His lab also studies the population dynamics of the mosquitoes that transmit malaria and how they might be controlled using novel genetic interventions.

Charles has a strong interest in the science–policy interface and especially matters concerning food security. He chaired the UK government’s Foresight Project on the future of food and farming and has written about the concept of ‘sustainable intensification’ — producing more food from the same area of land with less environmental impact. His other science policy interests include bovine tuberculosis, the environmental consequences of insecticide use, and land use and biodiversity. Currently, he chairs the Science Advisory Council of the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). Charles received a CBE in 2011.

Professional position

  • Hope Professor of Entemology, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
  • Program Director, University of Oxford

Subject groups

  • Organismal biology, evolution and ecology

    Agricultural and forest science, Environmental biology, Ecology (incl behavioural ecology), Epidemiology (non-clinical), Taxonomy and systematics, Biological modelling, Evolution

Sir Charles Godfray CBE FRS
Elected 2001