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David Manolopoulos

David Manolopoulos

Professor David Manolopoulos FRS


Elected: 2011


David Manolopoulos has made many different contributions to theoretical chemistry. In his work on carbon clusters, he elucidated the structures and properties of the fullerenes — a family of polyhedral carbon molecules that were first produced in bulk quantities in 1995 and are now used routinely as ingredients in organic photovoltaic devices.

His research on the chemical reactions of gas-phase molecules has helped to explain a number of key experimental results and to shed light on how reactions actually occur on a quantum mechanical level. He has also begun to work on the theory of more complex reactions, ranging from reactions in aqueous solution to a photochemical reaction in the avian retina that is believed to be responsible for the compass sense of migratory birds.

David is currently a Professor of Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Oxford. His interest in theoretical chemistry goes beyond his own specialisms, and in 2014, he organised an international meeting on computer simulation in chemistry and materials science at the Royal Society with this in mind.

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Chemistry
    • Chemistry, theoretical


theoretical chemistry, quantum mechanics, chemical reactions, chemical dynamics

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