Professor Sir Doug Turnbull FMedSci FRS

Professor Sir Doug Turnbull is Professor of Neurology, Newcastle University and Honorary Consultant Neurologist, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust. A graduate of Newcastle University, he trained as Neurologist in Newcastle. Doug Turnbull is Director of the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research and the MRC Centre for Ageing and Vitality. He is the clinical lead for the NHS Highly Specialised Service for Rare Mitochondrial Diseases of Adults and Children.

Doug Turnbull has led a basic science research programme and used the results of his research to develop clinical services that have had major benefit on the lives of patients. His research has focused on understanding the role of mitochondria in health and disease. This has led to a new understanding of the importance and complexity of mitochondrial DNA disease, the development of a novel method to prevent the transmission of mitochondrial DNA disease (Mitochondrial Donation) and a realisation that mitochondrial DNA mutations play a critical role in human ageing.

Professional position

  • Emeritus Professor of Neurology, Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University

Subject groups

  • Health and human sciences

    Clinical neuroscience, Molecular medicine


  • Buchanan Medal

    For outstanding contributions to biomedicine particularly in relation to mitochondrial disease, including the development of a method to prevent their transmission.

Professor Sir Doug Turnbull FMedSci FRS
Elected 2019