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Edward Reich

Edward Reich

Professor Edward Reich FRS


Elected: 1981


Edward Reich is known for his work on antibiotics that interact with nucleic acids and their related enzyme systems. Edward established that mitomycin C leads to loss of cellular nucleic acid. He showed that actinomycines inhibit DNA-directed RNA synthesis, with selective interaction with deoxyguanosine residues and proposed a selective binding onto the exterior of helical DNA. He also established the properties of nucleotide analogues such as tubercidin and formycin. Edward has developed the observation that tumour cells release fibrinolytic activity with a thorough study of both the release of plasminogen activators from cells and the relationship of this fibrinolytic activity to such fundamental matters as cell migration and inflammation, neoplasia, viral cell transformation, the release of the ovum at ovulation, trophoblast implantation and embryonic modelling. He has purified nicotinic receptors and carried out extensive studies of the binding of drugs to them.

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