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Edward Stolper

Edward Stolper

Professor Edward Stolper ForMemRS

Foreign Member

Elected: 2011


Edward Stolper is an expert on igneous rocks — those formed when magma and lava cool and solidify — found on the Earth, Moon, Mars and asteroids. He discovered several key relationships between the chemical composition of igneous rocks and how much they had melted. As a researcher with the Mars Curiosity Rover, Edward is providing fascinating insights into Mars’s geology, such as discovering that the ‘Jake_M’ rock is surprisingly similar to a rare type found on Earth.

Edward uses experiments, theory and sophisticated computer modelling to predict and understand particular properties of igneous rocks. He has focused his studies on glasses from the Mariana Trough as well as samples from deep drilling into a Hawaiian volcano. He has also investigated meteorites from Mars, the Moon and the asteroid, Vesta.

Edward’s many awards include the Geochemical Society’s 2012 V. M. Goldschmidt Medal and the Geological Society of America’s 2004 Day Medal. His expertise has also been called upon by NASA and the US National Research Council.

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