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Ehud Hrushovski

Ehud Hrushovski

Professor Ehud Hrushovski FRS


Elected: 2020


Ehud Hrushovski is a mathematical logician, concerned with mapping the interactions and interpretations among different mathematical worlds.   He studied in UC Berkeley, worked in Princeton, Rutgers, MIT and Paris and for twenty five years at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  He is now based in Oxford University.

Guided by the model theory of Robinson, Shelah and Zilber, Hrushovski investigated mathematical areas  including highly symmetric finite structures, differential equations,  difference equations and their relations to arithmetic geometry and the Frobenius maps,  aspects of additive combinatorics, motivic integration, valued fields and non-archimedean geometry.   In some cases, notably approximate subgroups and geometric Mordell-Lang, the metatheory  had impact within the field itself, and led to a lasting involvement of model theorists in the area. He took part in the creation  of geometric stability,  simplicity theory in finite dimensions, and establishing the role of definable groups within first order model theory.

Hrushovski co-authored papers with forty-five  collaborators.  He has received a number of awards including the Karp, Erdos and Rothschild prizes and the 2019 Heinz Hopf prize.

Professional positions

Professor of Mathematical Logic, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

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