Professor Eleanor Dodson FRS

Eleanor Dodson is a computational biologist who specialises in the investigation of protein structures using X-ray crystallography. Known as a great teacher and influencer in the field of protein crystallography, Eleanor has made major contributions to both theory and practice. She teaches widely and is a co-editor of the Journal of Applied Crystallography.

Eleanor’s work to develop computational standard analyses for crystallography methods —such as molecular replacement, phasing and refinement — has brought the ability to understand large molecule structures into the public realm, revolutionising science and medicine.

Eleanor is lead scientist of the Collaborative Computational Project Number 4 (CCP4) program suite, a project that is coordinated by the Science & Technology Facilities Council. Freely available throughout the world, this software has had enormous global impact, simplifying and standardizing the experimental determination of protein structures for academic and commercial users.

Subject groups

  • Astronomy and physics


  • Biochemistry and molecular cell biology

    Biophysics and structural biology

Professor Eleanor Dodson FRS
Elected 2003