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Elena Turitsyna

Dr Elena Turitsyna

Dr Elena Turitsyna

Research Fellow

Grants awarded

Optical wave turbulence in ultra- long lasers

Scheme: Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

Organisation: Aston University

Dates: Jan 2008-Dec 2011

Value: £300,578.41

Summary: The research goal of the project is to study a physical phenomenon of optical wave turbulence in lasers and to apply mathematical approaches developed in other areas of science to an important and a fast developing class of lasers - fibre lasers. The term "laser" is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Invention of the laser in 1960 has drastically changed the whole field of optics and radically transformed many areas of science and technology. Thanks to their ability to emit light in a very narrow interval of wavelengths and the intensity variable from low to ultra-high levels, lasers have an immensely broad range of applications: from eye tests to nuclear fusion. In this project I am working on mathematical modelling of fibre lasers, making an interdisciplinary link between optics and the theory of turbulence. I study fluctuations and irregular interactions of light waves in fibre laser using mathematical approaches from the area of science (turbulence) that, at first glance, is very far from photonics. It is interesting to see that a theoretical formalism developed for studies of turbulence of incoherent and disordered movements of air or water can be applied to rather practical laser science problems. One of the important characteristics of laser performance is the spectrum of generated radiation. Therefore, control of the spectral broadening of radiation generated in fibre resonator is practically important for designing new systems and for optimisation of laser performance.

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