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Eric Jakeman

Eric Jakeman

Professor Eric Jakeman FRS


Elected: 1990


Eric Jakeman is an internationally recognised expert in the statistics and quantum statistics of wave fields, particularly those arising in laser scattering. His theoretical work on photon statistics and speckle has made a unique contribution to the development of the technique of photon correlation spectroscopy, which is now used to investigate structure and motion in a wide range of systems of importance in engineering, medicine, physics, chemistry and biology. He has also significantly advanced the subject of non-Gaussian scattering of waves by random media and has developed new noise models which are being widely applied in optical, microwave and acoustic scattering problems. Eric has also made important contributions to the field of heat and mass transfer, particularly on the subjects of morphological stability and oscillatory convection in crystal growth, and was jointly responsible for the notion of doubly diffusive convection driven by the Soret effect.

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