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Evgeny Chekhovich

Dr Evgeny Chekhovich

Research Fellow


University of Sheffield

Research summary

Quantum computing is a concept that uses quantum states and quantum effects to store and process information, and offers a capability to solve computational problems that are beyond the reach of even the most powerful digital computers. My research addresses a major challenge of implementing this concept and building a working quantum computer. Several technologies are currently considered as a hardware for quantum computing. My work focuses on using the spins of single electrons in semiconductor quantum dots. Quantum dots in III-V semiconductors have a major fundamental advantage: the quantum state of the electron spin can be manipulated and transferred optically, opening a route for interconnecting multiple quantum dots and building a large scale quantum information processor. However, the electron spin quantum state is very fragile, the undesired magnetic interactions with atomic nuclear spins playing a dominant role. My work aims at developing magnetic resonance techniques that would allow precise control of the electron spin and its decoupling from the nuclear spin environment. This way electron quantum state would be protected for a period of time long enough to implement quantum information storage and processing. Progress in this direction would open the way for scalable, solid-state quantum information devices.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Electrically controlled qubits in self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2015 - Sep 2020

Value: £453,879.31

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