Professor Angus Iain Lamond FRS

Angus Lamond

Wellcome Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Biochemistry, Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee

During his PhD Angus Lamond contributed to understanding prokaryotic tRNA synthesis and its regulation while his postdoctoral work on spliceosome dynamics was seminal to that field. Subsequently, Lamond has successfully combined methods development with novel research. The modified RNA oligonucleotides he co-developed and employed to understand splicing mechanisms are in widespread use in biochemical and in vivo studies of ribonucleoprotein function. Early use of proteomics, and biochemical follow-up, provided novel insight into the spliceosome and then the entire nucleolus. In parallel, his in vivo studies have helped establish the current paradigm of the nucleus as an extremely dynamic set of sub-compartments in constant interchange.

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