Professor Kurt W├╝thrich ForMemRS

Professor of Biophysics, ETH Zurich and Cecil H and Ida M Green
Professor of Structural Biology, The Scripps Research Institute.

Kurt Wuthrich has made major contributions to the development of NMR methods for the study of macromolecules. His group has solved more than 50 structures of proteins and nucleic acids, including the immuno-suppression system cyclophilin A/cyclosporin A, the homeodomain- operator DNA system. In recent years his determination of the structure of prion proteins from several different species has been especially important. Above all, however, he and his collaborators developed systematic procedures and methods for the determination of macromolecular structures in solution. These procedures are now in routine use by many groups around the world. His recent introduction of transverse- relaxation optimised spectroscopy (TROSY) has greatly extended the range of molecules that can be studied. His achievements have been recognised by numerous awards, including the Prix Louis Jeantet de Medecine, the Kyoto prize in Advanced Technology and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002.

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