Professor Jeremy John Baumberg FRS

Jeremy Baumberg

Professor of NanoPhotonics and Director of NanoPhotonics and Nano Doctoral Training Centres, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Jeremy Baumberg is recognised for his development of a number of seminal experimental techniques in condensed matter physics. His pioneering work on the ultrafast dynamics of magnetic semiconductors was a major stimulus to the field of spintronics. His experiments on coherent control in solids initiated much of the topical area of quantum information processing in semiconductors, and his work on semiconductor micro-cavities initiated the field of polariton optical amplifiers and condensates. His most recent activity, developing nanoscale-structured metamaterials, is revealing a host of strikingly novel and highly exploitable optical properties, as eg in photonic crystals, for which he was recognised by the Royal Society Mullard Prize. 

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