Professor David Klenerman FRS


Professor in Biophysical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge and Director of Studies at Christ's College

Professor David Klenerman has developed and applied new general biophysical methods based on fluorescence and scanning probe microscopy to study important biomolecular complexes such as human telomerase, key biological processes such as protein folding/misfolding, and to image functionally the surface of the living cell at the level of individual protein complexes. He has developed methods for controlled deposition of molecules down to the level of single molecules, ultra-sensitive detection of biomolecules and the determination of the oligomerisation state of proteins on the surface of living cells. He also co-invented a powerful next generation method for high speed DNA sequencing, based on single molecules, that is now being widely used. His work is an outstanding example of how new physical methods can enhance and extend biological and biomedical research. 

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