Professor Guangzhao Zhou ForMemRS

Honorary President, China Association for Science and Technology and Special Advisor to the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Zhou Guangzhao is cited for his seminal contributions to elementary particle physics. Most notably, Zhou introduced the concept of Partial Conservation of Axial Current (PCAC) in 1960, which has been regarded as one of the cornerstones in particle physics, and is included in many text books. For this fundamental contribution, Zhou was recognized internationally as one of the founding fathers of PCAC. Zhou was the originator of the helicity amplitude and its mathematical description, which founded the relativistic partial wave analysis for the high energy particle collisions. Zhou also developed a generating functional formalism applicable to both equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems, which has led broad applications to the studies of laser, plasma, and condensed matter systems. In addition to the remarkable achievement in many fields of theoretical physics, Zhou has been one of the most important scientists in China to promote the international science exchange and to guide and inspire young scientists.


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