Professor Eli Yablonovitch ForMemRS

Eli Yablonovitch

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley and Director of the NSF Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science
For broad contributions to optics and electronics; including the 4n2 light-trapping factor in worldwide use for almost all commercial solar panels. 4n2 is sometimes called the “Yablonovitch Limit”. For introducing the idea that strained semiconductor lasers could have superior performance due to reduced valence band (hole) effective mass. Almost all semiconductor lasers use this concept, for optical telecommunications, in most mouse-clicks, for DVD players, and in the ubiquitous red laser pointers. For introducing the photonic bandgap concept, and coining the term “Photonic Crystal”. The geometrical structure of the first experimentally realized photonic bandgap, is sometimes called “Yablonovite”.

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