Professor Philippe Sansonetti ForMemRS

Professeur at the "Collège de France", Professeur at Institut Pasteur and Head, Microbial Molecular Pathogenesis Unit & INSERM Unit 786 Institut Pasteur

Professor Philippe Sansonetti ForMemRS

Sansonetti has pioneered the study of molecular pathogenesis of bacterial infections and cellular microbiology, based on his discovery of the mechanism of cell invasion by Shigella. He has led the field practically and conceptually, by discovering key processes relevant to many pathogens and demonstrating the way in which bacteria subvert eukaryotic cells for their growth. These include actin-dependent entry, cell-to-cell spread, pro-inflammatory apoptosis, intracellular sensing of bacteria, regulation of host responses by post-translational modifications, repression of innate immunity genes, and blocking of T-cell migration. Collectively his work has provided the most complete and unified view of a bacterial-controlled disease process.

Pathogens and commensals : War and Peace at mucosal surface (MP3)
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