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Feyza Kazanc

Dr Feyza Kazanc

Research Fellow


University of Edinburgh

Research summary

The research area of the group in the Middle East Technical University are the clean combustion technologies. The group has so far focused its attention in the combustion of solid fuels at a low/medium scale. The scientific results of this group are expected to affect three branches of society: academia, industry, and the general public. The academia benefits with publications in international journals and conferences; the industry is provided with added knowledge of coal/biomass combustion which will potentiate a higher usage of biomass and tax benefits arising therein; the general public benefits with the transition to a clean, sustainable and secure energy generation.

The current award contributed to the development of laboratorial facilities in the Middle East Technical University. These facilities will be used to: (i) process the solid fuel samples; (ii) characterize the fuel samples using different experimental set-up, including the wire-mesh set-up currently in development. The development of these facilities will not only increase the knowledge of the group in what concerns solid fuels combustion, but also create more opportunities for collaboration with UK institutions. Conferences attended and research visits also allowed the increase of knowledge and, more importantly, the establishment of connections with different groups working on clean combustion. A connection with the University of Leeds produced a joint British Council-Tubitak Institutional Links research proposal. This proposal was submitted as a consequence of the efforts of Dr. Jenny Jones, Dr. Alan Williams, and Dr. Juan Riaza from the University of Leeds, and Dr. Feyza Kazanç, Dr. Ahmet Yozgatligil, and Dr. Emre Altun from the Middle East Technical Universityu (METU).

Grants awarded

Flexible Oxy-Combustion for Turkish Fuels

Scheme: Newton Advanced Fellowship

Dates: Mar 2015 - Feb 2018

Value: £111,000

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