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Filipe Abdalla

Dr Filipe Abdalla

Research Fellow


University College London

Research summary

My research encompasses a wide range of topics around cosmology. My central focus is the study of the Universe and its contents during different epochs which we can observe since the dawn of time. I have spent a large fraction of my time studying cosmology with optical telescopes. I am part of the Dark Energy Survey and the Euclid satellite mission. I have positions of leadership in both these collaborations, being the Spectroscopic Working group Lead in DES and the OU-LE3 lead in Euclid. I am the PI of the Euclid efforts in UCL Physics and Astronomy. In my research I have developed a complete set of tools to analyse such surveys. Since my PhD I have lead independent research in the study of Cosmology including the Epoch of Reionisation (EoR) with radio instruments. My studies have impacted greatly what cosmology is possible with the future Square Kilometre Array (SKA). I have developed tools which are the state of the art tools in the LOFAR Epoch of Reionisation survey. I am a core member of the LOFAR EoR working group and one of the senior leads of the Cosmology Working group in the SKA. I am the lead of the LOFAR scientific efforts in UCL. I am the PI of the SKA funded efforts in UCL focusing on technical work on the SKA.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Design and Exploitation of current and future comsological surveys

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2014 - Sep 2017

Value: £318,536.86

Design and Exploitation of current and future cosmological surveys

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2009 - Sep 2014

Value: £506,119.81

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