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Fraser Armstrong

Fraser Armstrong

Professor Fraser Armstrong FRS


Elected: 2008


Fraser Armstrong conducts research into the application of biological chemistry to future energy technologies. Fraser is renowned for developing new electrochemical techniques to enable the study of complex electron transfer and catalytic reactions in proteins. One of techniques is known as protein film voltammetry, which allows researchers to conduct mechanistic studies of redox enzymes.

He leads several research projects that are focused on understanding the mechanisms of biological hydrogen and oxygen cycling. Fraser’s goal is to establish chemical directions for future renewable energy technologies and to design artificial catalysts that are as effective as enzymes found in nature.

Fraser has received a number of awards, including the 1998 European Medal for Biological Inorganic Chemistry, the 2003 Carbon Trust Academic Innovation Award and the 2004 Max Planck Frontiers in Biological Chemistry Award. He has also received four awards from the Royal Society.


  • Davy Medal

    For his pioneering protein film electrochemistry allowing exquisite thermodynamic and kinetic control of redox enzymes, exemplified by hydrogenases, key in energy technology.

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