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Gang Liu

Professor Gang Liu

Professor Gang Liu

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Designing layered photocatalysts with tailored properties for solar fuels

Scheme: Newton Advanced Fellowship

Organisation: University of St Andrews

Dates: Mar 2015-Feb 2018

Value: £111,000

Summary: Photocatalytic materials for solar fuels Concerning the key research challenges of controlling light absorption, separation and surface transfer of photoexcited charges, Gang Liu has been devoted to developing innovative strategies in band-gap engineering, crystal facet controlling and heterostucturing, exploring unknown photocatalysts for new efficient photocatalysts to produce solar fuels from water and CO2. 1) Faceted photocatalysts The aim is to modulate surface atomic structures of photocatalysts by controlling the selective exposure of different crystal facets during the growth of crystals. These faceted photocatalysts provide an excellent platform to reveal surface structure dependent photocatalytic activity. 2) Doped photocatalysts The aim is to increase visible light absorption of wide-bandgap semiconductors by introducing heteroatoms or defects so that solar light can be fully harvested. Our major concern is how to realize the band-to-band redshift of light absorption edge by controlling the spatial distribution of dopants. 3) Heterostructured photocatalysts The aim is to promote the separation of photoexcited electrons and holes in semiconductor based photocatalysts by a selective combination of suitable components for forming heterostructures. 4) Exploring unknown photocatalysts The aim is to enrich the library of photocatalysts, particularly with strong visible light absorption.

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