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Geoffrey Grimmett

Professor Geoffrey Grimmett FRS


Elected: 2014


Geoffrey Grimmett is an internationally renowned mathematician with a broad interest in probabilistic methods. Initially a tool for combinatorics, probabilistic methods — used to prove the existence of specific mathematical objects — are now employed in many other diverse areas of mathematics, including number theory, as well as computer science.

Geoffrey’s major contributions have influenced percolation theory and the random-cluster model — an important mathematical tool for studying ferromagnetism. He has written a number of oft-cited books on percolation and other aspects of his research and contributed to textbooks on probability and random processes.

His current focus on the theory of disordered physical systems is motivated by practical problems that arise in the applied sciences such as physics and biology. These include models of a disordered medium and the spread of epidemics. In 2013, Geoffrey became the master of Downing College at the University of Cambridge.

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