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Giacinto Scoles

Giacinto Scoles

Professor Giacinto Scoles FRS


Elected: 1997


Throughout his scientific career, Giacinto Scoles has been at the forefront of the inventions and applications of microscopic quantitative methods in the studies of the properties of matter. Giacinto constructed beam scattering machines and conducted highly accurate studies on interatomic and intermolecular interactions. In 1997, Giacinto introduced a new very powerful spectroscopic technique of thermal detection methods. It is an ingenious combination of molecular beam and lasers and is now used in many laboratories in the world. Giacinto used this method initially to study the fundamental physical effects, but gradually moved on to chemistry. He now uses this method very effectively for the studies of van der Waals molecules and clusters. In particular, the method of gas phase matrix spectroscopy initiated by him is perhaps the cleanest spectroscopic method for the study of large clusters. In the 1980s, Giacinto expanded his front further to the studies of surfaces and again kept producing the most unique and clear information on surface scattering.

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