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Glynn Winskel

Professor Glynn Winskel

Research Fellow


University of Cambridge

Research summary

I'm pleased to be able to report on several research advances made during the tenure of the senior fellowship. When I applied for Leverhulme grant the future of my funding was unsure, especially given the current climate in the UK. I am happy to report that the situation has now completely changed. I have been awarded a five-year grant of 2.4 million euro from the European Research Council to work on `Events, Causality and Symmetry---the next-generation semantics' (ECSYM). A side-effect of getting the ERC grant has been the need to terminate the Leverhulme fellowship on May 1. I am very grateful to have received the Leverhulme senior fellowship. It has given me space to pursue my research and provided the means to rescue my former student Jon Hayman from industry by employing him as my teaching replacement. Jon is to join me as one of the four postdocs employed on ECSYM.

During the tenure of the fellowship advances have been made in:

Game semantics, in creating a broader foundation which supports concurrent games and strategies---a paper is accepted in the prestigious conference LICS to be held at the Fields Institute in Toronto, another is submitted;

Systems biology, in the mathematical foundations of rule-based models and the extraction of chemical pathways form simulations---a paper is accepted for the journal MSCS, another is in preparation and collaboration with the kappa team at Harvard, Paris and Edinburgh continues;

Concurrent separation logic, in showing that judgements in the logic are robust under refinement of commands (Reynolds' conjecture)---mainly the work of my teaching replacement, Jon Hayman.

Grants awarded

Scheme: Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2010 - Apr 2011

Value: £47,881

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