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Graham Goodwin

Graham Goodwin

Professor Graham Goodwin FRS


Elected: 2002


Among Graham Goodwin’s important contributions has been the first proof of the convergence of the adaptive discrete-time, deterministic control algorithm, which resolved a problem open for 30 years and had a dramatic effect on the development of the subject. This paper was selected as one of 25 seminal contributions to automatic control.

Other significant contributions include the determination of necessary and sufficient conditions for convergence of the widely used Kalman filter, reduction of finite word errors in digital signal processing and control through the ‘delta transform’, and the analysis of inter-sample issues in digital control. His results on inherent limitations in filtering and control have impacted significantly on industrial control. In recent years, his interests have turned to new treatments for type 1 diabetes. Graham is internationally recognised for his contribution to the theory and practice of automatic control.

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Engineering
    • Engineering, control (incl robotics)


Systems and Control Theroy, Control engineering, System Identification, Rolling Mill Automation, Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

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