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Graham Ross

Graham Ross

Professor Graham Ross FRS


Elected: 1991


Graham Ross was known for constructing models of fundamental interactions and confronting them with experiment. With others, he predicted that gluon radiation would generate collimated jets of particles in electron - positron annihilation, which subsequently established the existence of the gluon. He made major contributions to the foundation of the perturbative treatment of quantum chromodynamics, successfully applying it to high-energy processes and developing connections with the low-energy quark model. He developed predictions of unified models of the fundamental forces for polarised lepton scattering, for Sin2θW, for proton decay, and for inflationary cosmology. He discovered that in supersymmetric models, the electroweak symmetry can be broken by quantum effects, and he pioneered the development of models based on this idea.

Professor Graham Ross FRS died on 31 October 2021.

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