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Graham Wood

Graham Wood

Professor Graham Wood FREng FRS


Elected: 1997


Graham Wood was one of the United Kingdom’s leading corrosion scientists. He explained transient oxidation of major binary and ternary alloys and developed extensive understanding of steady-state oxidation. This has assisted alloy development for gas turbines and power plants. His analytical predictions of depletion and enrichment profiles in substrate and scale during preferential oxidation have been confirmed in practice. He proved that transient oxides can be vital solid lubricants in oxidative friction and wear processes. He elucidated ionic transport in amorphous anodic films, leading to precise models of pore initiation, development and closure, thus allowing tailor-making of films for practice. A detailed film flow model of pitting corrosion and inhibition has been demonstrated. These findings, reported in over 350 papers, have resulted in many awards and prizes.

In 1972, he set up and headed the Corrosion and Protection Centre at UMIST, doing work of international importance in one of the largest and broadest based corrosion-prevention establishments worldwide. He held senior posts at UMIST, including Vice Principal.

Professor Graham Wood FREng FRS died on 4 November 2016.

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Engineering
    • Materials science (incl materials engineering)
  • Other
    • History of science
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